Draw a simple owl svg make life easier

When is perhaps my favourite bird, for instance? Making an owl cut project may difficult because many owl patterns are too complicated and may spend your hours to welding.

You can find owl pattern anywhere, for example, you can download an owl SVG.

After checking its lines, wow, need 2 hours to complete, OK, let’s draw a simple owl and make it to SVG file.

Below may be a coloured sample of the cute and straightforward owl that you are close to creating. As you’ll see, this fun character is usually sketched using circles. A couple of triangles are needed, for instance, the beak and therefore the hair on top of the top.

Step 1

Great! Now that you are more conversant in the ultimate result, let’s start this lesson with the top’s creation. Use a comfortable oval shape, for instance, this one. For the hair, both thin and long lines are needed.

Step 2

Next, you’ll draw the body using another sizeable circle shape. This is snaller then the prvious one and must be slightly smaller. Finally, you’ll complete this step by drawing the legs using short straight lines like shown below.

Step 3

Cool! You’ll add two oval shapes to represent the wings. These shapes must be narrow and slightly pointed on the ends. Do not forget to draw the tail near the legs employing a small curved line.

Step 4

It’s now time to figure on the top of the animal. To make the beak, use a little triangle. The eyes and therefore the pupils are often illustrated with large circular shapes.

Step 5

You can complete this cute and straightforward owl by adding details of a large patch around the eyes and therefore the beak. You’ll also draw a circular shape on the stomach, for instance, the varied colours found on this a part of the body.

Step 6

Excellent! Below you’ll see how the owl seems like once you’re through with this tutorial. The character is pretty simple to realize, and most details are simple and made up of simple elements.